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EE 444 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER NETWORKS Spring 2009 HOMEWORK #3 Deadline: April 10 2009 @ 23:59 (No late submission is allowed.) Posted on April 03 2009. Question # 1 Consider a local area network (LAN) which operates over 10Mbits/s CSMA/CD with 8 stations. Each station independently generates traffic where the elapsed time between two consecutive frame generations is exponentially distributed with a mean of 0.1 second, and the frames are 1250 Bytes including 250 Bytes of protocol and layered architecture overhead. The maximum and mean value of one-way propagation delay are 2 ms, and 1 ms, respectively. a) Assuming the channels in this network are error-free, what is the probability that any transmitted frame does not experience any collision? b) Find the average total delay a frame experiences from the time it is generated until it is successfully received by its specified destination? c) Find the actual data transmission rate observed by the Data Link Control sublayer of any given
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