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ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture09 Instructor (Stephen Boyd) :We should make sure the pile of projects is somewhere. Who’s got them? I guess we’ll start. I guess the most obvious thing, I guess most of you have figured out by now is we have looked through these preliminary project proposals, and they’re floating around so make sure you get yours. Do not throw those away because we didn’t copy them and we wanna make sure there’s progress, so when you resubmit them, we want to look at the old one again too; and then judge whether enough progress was made to justify our even looking at it again. So let me make a couple of – the big announcements, and then I have a list of complaints. I just happened to have read all of them this morning. Again, this morning in order, so; but let me say a couple of things about it. They were okay; we marked up a lot of things. You might not be able to ready what we have so you have to be in touch with us on these, so they’ll all be resubmitted. A few were in really good shape and some of them we just sort of, we didn’t even get it, so, or there’s bad notations, so we just kind of marked it up and then stopped. So what we’ll do is I think it’s next week, nominally, is that correct? The end of next week it’s the mid – what do we call it? The mid-term something or other, so by the end of next week, you’ll resubmit. By the end of next week, it should not just be a rewrite. First of all, a lot of them just need serious editing. Some of those, by the way, you could get to us earlier. That would actually not be a bad thing. But by the end of next week, it should actually start having – I mean, there should be a problem. You should have tried some of these things. I mean, these days with things like CVX, very, very easy to actually do these things. It’s faster to actually write code than it is to write a Lay-Tech and English description of it that’s coherent. So by next week you should have done that. So the way that’s gonna work, and we’ll announce this on the website, is that you’ll be turning in your – I guess the next round of these things next week. If we didn’t like your typesetting or something like that, turn that in immediately to us because there’s just no reason for us to read things that are sloppy, so okay. So what I’m gonna do now, I know this is weird, but I’m just gonna rant for about five minutes, then I’ll be fine and then everything will be okay and then we’ll move on and stuff like that. So here are things. I’m gonna say them once and then I don’t, I turn it back in, I don’t want to ever see any of these again and anything that comes in from anybody in this class. It actually drives me nuts if I see it from anybody. All right, so I’m just gonna say it once just so it’s said and official and on the record. I have a list. So the first thing is capitalization. We found this completely random capitalization. Sections, half capitalized, half-lower-case, unacceptable. So choose a consistent style and stick with it.
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ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture09 - -Lecture09...

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