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ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture08 Instructor (Stephen Boyd) :Okay. Well, well. It’s the good weather effect, the post- project proposal submission effect. So this is maybe a very good time for me to remind you that even though the class is televised, attendance is required and we’re actually not kidding on that. So it’s not cool. We get up early. I guess I can’t say “we” since the TAs aren’t here. But the last email I got from Jacob was 4:00 a.m. So he was working on lectures for you, so I think we can excuse him. So that’s required. Also, I need to tell you guys a very terribly sad story, and the story is this, it transpired, actually, in this very room right here yesterday. So you will recall there’s a section in this class, and that the section was devoted to informal working on the projects and things like that. And so in this very room yesterday afternoon, not only the professor, but both TAs showed up. And now I’d like you to guess how many other people showed up. Let’s take some guesses. Student: Zero. Instructor (Stephen Boyd) :That would make a better story, in fact. Student: Two. Instructor (Stephen Boyd) :No. We can do this bisection now. It’s an integer. Well, I guess that’s not given, but it’s an integer and it’s more than zero and less than two. So one person showed up. So by the way, we’ve already graded their project – actually, we wrote the code for him. We assigned his grade on access. So it was very, very sad, really. So let me just remind everyone that attendance is required, even though we’re on video now. The flip side is this, there’s a lot of other people watching this other places. So I have to tone down what I say about other things. I just realized that. Now I know there’s plenty of other people watching these things. So let me say something about the project proposals. We have looked over about half of them, or something like that, and what we’re going to do is if we don’t like your project proposal, we’re just going to send it back to you and you’re going to keep revising it until we’re happy. We’ll – some of these things are just LaTeX here. That’s unacceptable. And by the way, a lot of them are really nice, just what we wanted, clean, LaTeX. We gave you templates and the basic thing is if it looks anything different from what I write, it’s not cool. We’re not going to accept it. We’re just going to flip it. If you’ve invented some secret new notation or if you look at it – we also saw some total amateur crap in there, like random capitalization of things. This is so uncool it’s not even funny. So we’re just going to throw these things back at you until you produce a project proposal – if it’s more than three pages, we’re just going to send it back. I mean, things like that. So actually, now, the good news is we saw a lot that we liked. And so – we may even have those done or at least first responses, because we’re not going to spend a lot of time on them if we don’t like what we see – we’re going
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ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture08 -...

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