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Unformatted text preview: ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture02 Instructor (Stephen Boyd) :Hey, I think this means we're on. Are we on? We're on, okay. So well, the first announcement I guess is kind of obvious, but I guess if you're here. We've moved. It was a challenge actually getting the word out, because the registrar hasn’t yet populated the EE364b all list. No, sorry, it has populated it. It has just me and the TAs on it, so. In fact, let me actually start by introducing the TAs. You should know them. Jacob and [inaudible]. So familiar faces, maybe, from 364a. Okay, so the obvious first announcement, kind of obvious, is yes, we're now on SCPD. Now that's too bad in a way, because I'd just gotten used to, well, the idea of teaching in the basement of the history corner and saying basically whatever I want and not worrying about it. So now, unfortunately, since I guess these'll end up – these will be posted, you know, just on the web and open to anybody, I'll have to behave a little bit better. But we'll just try to pretend – I don't know, we'll just try to pretend these aren’t going to be posted, and maybe if I say anything too terrible or whatever, we'll go in and fix it before it's posted, or something like that. So okay. And by the way, please do not – or no, please? Let's see – no, that's too polite a word. How about this: do not take that as license to sleep in. We don't sleep in, so we don't see why you should. So our requirement of attendance, we still have – that's still enforced, even though we are now going to be televised. Okay, let's see – and a couple other announcements. I presume people will be coming, wandering in in the next ten minutes; that's perfectly okay because if you're not on this – if you weren’t actually registered or on the access list or something like that, there'd be – you'd be scratching your head reading this sign over at the other room about right now, and I'd say about ten minutes later we'll have a bunch of people coming in. So I'll just cover some basic stuff over the next ten minutes. The first is – let's see, we posted homework one, but right before class I thought of another problem, so we have to write the solution for it to make sure it actually – it's a doable problem. And if it turns out it's actually doable, then we'll repost it and there'll be three homework – I mean, these are small things, right? These are just so you don't just watch me do subgradients, you actually get to do some subgradients yourself. So you'll hear more about that. Let's see, the other thing is we posted a resources page. It's very crude right now on the course website, and that's something you should look at for sure. So you should be thinking about projects. I mean, you don't have to be spending all waking moments thinking about it, but you should think about it a little bit. I've already spoken to some people about it; that's good. The resources page basically says kind of what we – you know, the first order, here are the first order of places you should look. So, you know, and it lists the obvious things, but the first order of places you should look....
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2010 for the course EE 360B taught by Professor Stephenboyd during the Fall '09 term at Stanford.

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ConvexOptimizationII-Lecture02 -...

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