Finance Concept Quiz - Which of the following measures the...

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Assets and equity on a non-financial company's balance sheet are reported at  a. market value b. book value c. present value d. future value Which of the following defines net cash flow?  a. net income b. net income minus dividends c. net income plus net working capital d. net income plus depreciation What does the statement of cash flows measure?  a. How the company's assets are financed. b. How the company's cash account changed over a period of time. c. How the company's retained earnings changed over a period of time. d. The market value of the company's assets and equity.
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Unformatted text preview: Which of the following measures the cash available to the company's investors? a. net cash flow b. operating cash flow c. free cash flow d. investing cash flow Which of the following sources of investment income has the highest marginal tax rate for an individual? a. Dividends b. Interest from a savings account c. Long-term capital gains d. Interest from a municipal bond Which of the following is NOT tax deductible for a corporation? a. dividends paid b. interest paid c. depreciation d. all of the above are tax deductible...
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Finance Concept Quiz - Which of the following measures the...

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