Assignment- Body Paragraphs

Assignment- Body Paragraphs - Ruben Hernandez Jr 10/04/09...

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Ruben Hernandez Jr 10/04/09 Assignment: Body Paragraphs In today’s society there are many advantages and benefits of being bilingual. We live in a time where we need to capitalize and apply our skills any chance we get, and being bilingual is one of them. Although some people might say that learning a foreign language may be hard and a tough challenge, there are others who just don’t see the rewards in this skill. The fact remains that being bilingual is most effective when learned as a child . When children wait until high school to start studying a foreign language, the job is much harder. The task now involves learning the rules of grammar, translating, reading, and trying to develop a language learning strategy. The task is a different one than it was for the young child in the sensitive period for language learning. Brain flexibility has been lost, the number of signals conveying information has greatly reduced, and the brain no longer has the same setting to restructure itself that it had when the child was young. Learning a second language sharpens a child's awareness, skills and usage for the child's first language. Research at the elementary school level shows the same trends of higher test performance. In Louisiana, a study of 13,200 third and fifth grade children revealed that children who take foreign language classes did better in the English section of the
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Assignment- Body Paragraphs - Ruben Hernandez Jr 10/04/09...

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