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career essay

career essay - bent down to kiss it goodbye and when I was...

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“Daddy, I want to be an animal doctor.” A three year old little girl and I already knew what I wanted to do. Most children go through many phases of what they want to e when they are older. Changing from doctor, to lawyer, and to a fire fighter! My whole life I have wanted only one thing, a Veterinarian. When I was nine years old I was playing a Golden Retriever all afternoon and I
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Unformatted text preview: bent down to kiss it goodbye, and when I was about to wrap my small arms around the sweet pooch, a ferocious hound emerged and bit half my ear off. Dogs never stopped being my favorite animal and I think of the experience as a challenge or speed bump in life. I now work at an Animal Hospital and I plan to still be that Veterinarian, just like the three year little girl wanted....
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