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EmergingTechnologyGuidelines1 - DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION...

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DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS and MANUFACTURING ISM 3630 Emerging Technologies Project Guideline Instructor: Prof. Dave Huff
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Project Guidelines All projects must be approved by me or they may not be accepted upon submission The purpose of this project is to get you invested in a new or emerging information technology. This technology can be a mechanical or software based device or can be a business practice or technique that is being innovatively applied to help analyze, forecast or otherwise to assist with organizational decision making. It could also be primarily consumer focused, but you’ll have to address the product innovation and differentiation as it relates to the underlying technology...not just the features. I expect these presentations to be around 20 minutes long and to include sufficient and accurate references. The deliverables are: 1. Executive summary (1 page...delivered with the 5 minute proposal) 2. Two PowerPoint presentations a. One 3-4 slide proposal presentation b. One 15-20 minute final presentation
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EmergingTechnologyGuidelines1 - DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION...

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