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Bus422 – Contemporary Business Law II Week Four Test Answer Key *Please post your answers to the test in your Individual Forum no later than Day 7 (Monday). You may use only the designated reading materials to answer the questions on the test. Each blank is worth two tenths of a point (.2). Total point value on the quiz is six (6). 1. The state has ___________________ through which it can impose reasonable regulations on the use of property, tax it, or take it for public use by paying the owner compensation for it. (police powers, Ch. 23) 2. Bailees that are _____________________ are held to a higher level of responsibility than are bailees that are private carrier. (common carrier, Ch. 23) 3. The term _________________ is used to describe the nature of a person’s ownership interest in real property. (estate, Ch. 24) 4. As a general rule, the valid conveyance of real property is brought about by the execution and delivery of a ___________. (deed, Ch. 24) 5. A __________________________ occurs when property is leased for an indefinite period of time and either party may choose to conclude the tenancy at any time. (tenancy at will, Ch. 25)
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Week+4+test+answer+key[1] - Bus422 Contemporary Business...

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