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HW 2 - Name ID Homework 2 Animal Behavior NPB 102 Due in...

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Name: ______________________ Animal Behavior ID #: _______________________ NPB 102 Homework # 2 Due in class on Monday 8 February We begin studies of behavior with observations, and then we ask questions that can lead us to propose hypotheses, which are simply possible answers to the questions. Ideally for any specific hypothesis, we also come up with an alternative to it that could be true if our first one turns out not to be. These two hypotheses then are called alternative hypotheses, and in practice there can be more than just 2 alternatives. Distinguishing between them requires making predictions that will be true if each one is correct, and ideally the arrangement of true and false predictions will narrow down the possibilities to only one of your hypotheses. That is, which predictions are true will allow you to falsify some of your hypotheses. This homework assignment is intended to build your ability to generate alternative hypotheses, and to generate predictions for your hypotheses.
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