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Assignments Any assignment that you send me outside of the blackboard site should be done in word. This assures my being able to open it and read it. Remember the drop box is disabled in your course. When I receive assignments I will make all efforts to grade it within 1 week. When you successfully submit and assignment you will see an !. You will not receive an email from me telling you it is there. If you do not see an !, then there is a problem. If you continue to try to submit and can not you need to email me. Plagiarism is unacceptable on any assignment and is cause for an F grade on that assignment. If plagiarism occurs on more than one assignment or on the term paper you will receive an F grade for the course. I want you to learn from others but it is important that you give credit when it is not your idea or a universal idea. If I ask for your opinion it should be backed with resources, credible observations or experiences noted. All work MUST have your name
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Unformatted text preview: on it or I will not grade it. You will be submitting your papers (essays, term papers, miscellaneous bonuses) to me through a system called Safe Assignment which checks for plagiarism. Here is the process: 1. Write your paper following the paper guidelines on the course syllabus and in the course document section. 2. Save it electronically. Always make back up copies. 3. Click on title of the assignment (term paper, bonus, etc)at the Bb course assignment site. 4. Click on Browse and locate your paper that you have saved on your computer. 5. Double click on the document and you will see it upload your paper to the site. 6. Click on Submit to complete the submission process. 7. I will grade it and load it back into the Safe Assignment site. You can find it by clicking on Original Paper in the Assignments section. You will see comments at the assignment site/grade book. 8. Print or save the graded original until you receive your course grade....
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