communication09 - Communication How to: If you want to...

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Communication How to: If you want to reach me utilize email first. If you do not hear from me in two working days you can resend (if you think there may be a technical problem on your end) or call me. You can call me if you want to talk something through – just to learn more or for clarification. You can also call me if you are locked out of a quiz/test and want to try to get it done right away. I will reset your quiz if I am near a computer at the time I receive your message; I will most likely email you that it is reset but if the timing and location is right I will call you back to let you know. If all goes well you will also find some voice emails and announcements just so you can “hear” me once in awhile. Using email as a communication tool: When sending emails you need to give me at least two working days to respond. Most of the time I will respond on that same day but technology does not always work and sometimes I am just busy. If you ask a question, I will reply on that email. If you want to continue discussion about a question please respond/reply on the same email – so that I do not have to find original question. Remember to sign your name and remember to put correct title in subject : Subject headings should be as follows: Introduction to Sociology – socin Introduction to Anthropology – antin Cultural Anthropology – culin Sociology of Health and Illness – healthin Forensic Anthropology – forenin Introduction to Women’s Studies – womenin
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2010 for the course ANT 102 taught by Professor Graham during the Fall '09 term at Community College of Allegheny County.

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communication09 - Communication How to: If you want to...

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