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Enhanced Learning books, articles and videos/dvds You may do a book report related to this course and earn up to 1-3% on your course grade. You can choose from a posted list of books or choose one of your own. You do this by reading the book, summarize the book and point out at least 3 ideas that relate to this course. This can be done in 1-3 pages. You can do up to two of these a term. Your report should start with the name of the book, author, publisher, date published and ISBN You may do an article review. Read the article, writ 3-5 paragraphs and earn up to 3% on a quiz or essay grade. The review should indicate how this article relates to the course, a summary of the article, and pros and cons of the article. Your review should start with the journal name, title of the article, pgs of the article,
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Unformatted text preview: author and date. Videos/DVDs You can earn up to 3% on a quiz or essay grade by viewing a video/dvd that relates to the class. This also applies to tv programs that you find on such channels as The Learning Channel, National Geographic, and similar stations. In most cases I would prefer you choose from a list but in some cases you may find shows or videos I do not know about. In some courses you will find very specific questions you need to address about videos or shows. Please read and answer these. You can do up to 5 of these per semester. All of these documents should be submitted under assignments as word documents....
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