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First assignments You should have read the course outline, welcome, and introduction. Then you should go to the discussion board called introductions and begin to dialogue with your classmates and me. This is where you get to meet people with common interests or meet people who have a whole different world view than yourself. Make it fun. Do this as early in the course as you can and then go back periodically and read and write more. By the end of the second week you should have utilized the surveys called what you want to learn and demographic data. This is where you ask me to cover certain topics or give you guidelines in specific directions. It also can be where you can offer to facilitate certain learning if you have
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Unformatted text preview: experience and knowledge in any of the course topics. The surveys are anonymous – so if you put something there and want others to know it you will have to put your name in the body of your answer. You have the [email protected] to help you with technical questions that relate to the course or CCAC. They can not help you with your provider or your specific computer problems. Do the assignment called respond to me. THIS IS ESSENTIAL . This is at course document site of your Bb course. Then submit this to the assignment site. Welcome to the course. Remember I am here to help you. So ask if you have questions....
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