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Respond to Me What is the title of your course? What is the name of your text book? What is your teacher’s name? Have you prepared your schedule this term to successfully complete this course? Try to use/open these areas and state if you are successful or not: Discussion board Assignments Chat rooms Communication: email When and how do you contact your instructor? What are you graded on in this course? Do you understand that the course outline has recommended dates for successful completion of the course but you may proceed at your own pace?
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Unformatted text preview: I understand that I am responsible for college level adult behavior which includes things such as honesty and politeness and I have been made aware of the student handbook which spells these behaviors out. Do you have any questions about what you have read so far? By completing this form I acknowledge that I am attending this course with the intention of completing it. If I can not complete it I will withdraw by the withdraw date in writing to the registrar. Your name:...
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