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CIT100 Fall 2009 WWW Sections AIN71 and 74

CIT100 Fall 2009 WWW Sections AIN71 and 74 - Page 1 of 7...

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Page 1 of 7 COURSE OUTLINE COURSE OUTLINE Instructor: Jo Ann Lauer Instructor: Jo Ann Lauer Semester/Session: Fall 2009 Course Number: CIT100 Course Title: Introduction to Computers Course Credits: 3 Lecture hours: 3 Lab hours: Other hours: Pre-requisite(s): None Co-requisite(s): Course Description: An introduction to computers concepts, applications, and information systems. Topics include the use of software, such as spreadsheets, database management, graphics, word processing and computer communications via the Internet. Students develop beginning level skills with common applications in order to use a computer as a tool, make informed decisions concerning computer generated information, and obtain basic information systems concepts and terminology to provide a basis for future learning in the field. Students will have substantial hands-on time in both dedicated classrooms/labs and open lab environments. This is a general computer literacy course. Learning Outcomes: Upon the completion of the activities in this course, the student should be able to: 1. Discuss the relationship among the various hardware and software components of a computer system including process, memory, external storage, input/output, systems and application programs. 2. Use the graphical user interface features of a windows type environment, use file management to find information on the computer or network file server, and organize data in directories. 3. Understand and use basic features of word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database applications and transfer skills regardless of the specific brand name of the application used in this course. 4. Understand the basic issues concerning computer communications; access, then find information on the Internet using a Web browser; discuss some of the ethical issues associated with computer use. Section Dates 8/31 – 12/07 Instructor: Mrs. Jo Ann Lauer Office Hours: M,W,F: 8:00 – 10 Telephone: 412-237-6585 Office Location: M711 E-Mail Address: [email protected]
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Page 2 of 7 Materials and Resources: Required Text(s): Computers Are Your Future, Tenth Edition , Coyle, Diane M.; Pearson Education, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, NJ; 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-714693-2 Go! With Microsoft Office 2007, Introductory , Third Edition Gaskin, Shelley, et. al. Pearson Education, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, NJ; 2010. (Includes Student CD) ISBN-13: 978-0-13-505923-4 Required Materials: Flash drive storage device – 1 Gigabyte or higher Recommended Text(s): Audio-Visual Materials: Directed Study: Open Lab, Tutoring, etc. As needed to complete assignments Teaching Method: Blackboard site Teaching Format:
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CIT100 Fall 2009 WWW Sections AIN71 and 74 - Page 1 of 7...

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