Notes for 1st Exam - Reconstructing a Nation o The Problem...

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Reconstructing a Nation o The Problem The Defeated South No Equality No Political Power NO Economic Means o 1860 – The South held roughly 25% of the nation’s wealth o 1870 – Number shrunk to 12% How to Unify? Reconstruction Restoration Redemption The Players Abraham Lincoln - Radical Republicans Andrew Johnson - Freedmen Ulysses S. Grant - KKK Rutherford B. Hayes The Plans The 13 th Amendment – Abolished Slavery The 10% Plan (The Easy Way) o Lincoln Supported This o 10% of voters had to take an oath and accept the Abolition of Slavery o Unpopular with Radical Republicans Wade-Davis Bill (The Hard way) o Demanded 50% to take oaths The Freedmans Bureau
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March 1865 o Provided Food, Clothing, and more to former slaves Andrew Johnson o Former Governor of Tennessee o Pro-union Democrat o Philosophies Thought Executive Should handle reconstruction Called it restoration Sympathetic to fellow white southerners Opposed Political rights for freedmen o The Politics Political battles of 1866 Civil rights bill proposed in the spring Johnson vetoed the bills The 14 th Amendment (June 1867) Redefined national citizenship to include Blacks Elections of 1866 Black republicans elected Voted amnesty for confederate rebels o Impeachment of Johnson (1867) First reconstruction act
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Notes for 1st Exam - Reconstructing a Nation o The Problem...

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