Notes for 2nd Exam - Notes for 2 nd Exam • Election of...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes for 2 nd Exam • Election of 1896 • William McKinley won VP Teddy Roosevelt Reelected in 1900 McKinley assassinated in 1901 • Building an Empire Hawaii • Annexed • Pearl Harbor Cuba • Spanish-American War o Short – Americans Won Philippines • Building Step Toward Asia • Teddy Roosevelt Republican Big Stick/Built Pulpit Panama Canal • Controlled by Columbia • Independence for Panama Roosevelt Corollary • Foreign Policy • Monroe Doctrine • Anti-Imperialism US had no right Imperialism leads to conflicts Imperialism Brings in non-whites • Progressivism • Industrial revolution Industrialization in Europe raised Immigration • In 1900 28.5 Million workers (16 Million Industrial workers and 11 Million farmers( • In 1920 42 Million workers (29 Million industrial workers and 10.4 Million Famers) • Issues of Progressives Drinking Prostitution Poverty Women’s Rights Child Labor Education • Progressive Philosophies Expand state and federal regulation Immigration made social control necessary Eliminate political corruption • Three Progressive Attitudes Anger over excesses of Industrial capitalism Citizens needed to be involved politically and morally Emphasized social cohesion while rejecting social Darwinism • Methodologies The social gospel – Social Justice...
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Notes for 2nd Exam - Notes for 2 nd Exam • Election of...

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