Chapter 2 Notes - Nutrition Chapter 2 Notes What is a...

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Nutrition Chapter 2 Notes What is a Healthful Diet? o A healthful diet provides the proper combination of energy and nutrients. o It is adequate, moderate, balanced, and varied. o An adequate diet provides enough of the energy, nutrients, and fiber to maintain a person’s health. A generalized state of under-nutrition can occur if an individual’s diet contains an inadequate level of several nutrients for a long period of time. A diet that is adequate for one person may not be adequate for another. o Moderation refers to eating the right amounts of foods to maintain a healthy weight and to optimize the body’s metabolic processes. o A balanced diet is one that contains the combinations of foods that provide the proper balance of nutrients. o Variety refers to eating a lot of different foods each day. What Tools Can Help Me Design a Healthful Diet? o Food Labels Food labels require 5 things A statement of identity The net contents of the package Ingredient list The Name and address of the food manufacturer, packer, or distributor Nutrition information How to read and use the nutrition facts panel on foods Serving size and servings per contain describes the serving size in a common household measure, a metric measure, and how many servings are contained in the package. Calories and Calories from fat per serving describes the total number of calories and the total amount of calories that come from fat per one serving of that food.
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List of nutrients describes various nutrients that are found in this food. Percent Daily Values tells you how much a serving of food contributes to your overall intake of nutrients listed on the label. Food label claims Calorie free: Less than 5kcal Low calorie: 40 kcal or less Reduced calorie: 25% fewer kcal than reference Fat free: less than .5g of fat per serving Low fat: 3g or less Reduced fat: 25% less
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Chapter 2 Notes - Nutrition Chapter 2 Notes What is a...

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