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The text describes the main point of using the structural-functional approach as: A) learning how people find meaning in behavior. B) bringing about needed social change. C) understanding "what makes society tick." D) None of the above is correct. 2. Linking specific facts together to create meaning creates a(n): A) approach. B) theory. C) principle. D) concept. 3. The term "sociology" was coined by Emile Durkheim. A) True B) False 4. A person's health has a lot to do with diet. In this relationship diet would be the A) intervening variable. B) control variable. C) dependent variable. D) independent variable. 5. Making use of the sociological perspective encourages: A) people to become happier. B) accepting conventional ideas. C) challenging commonly held beliefs. D) the belief that society is mysterious. 6. The social-conflict approach draws attention to: A) the stable aspects of society.
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Unformatted text preview: B) how elements contribute to the overall operation of society. C) patterns of social inequality. D) how people construct meaning through interaction. 7. Which question summarizes the focus of the symbolic-interaction approach? A) How does society divide a population? B) How is society held together? C) How do people experience society? D) How do some people protect their privileges? 8. As a discipline, sociology first took root in France, Germany, and England. A) True B) False 9. Which discipline defines itself as "the systematic study of human society"? A) economics B) sociology C) history D) psychology 10. In deciding what kinds of questions to ask as they begin research, sociologists are guided by: A) one or more theoretical approaches. B) their own common sense. C) sheer chance. D) the data they collect....
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