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Unformatted text preview: Roy Voigt 260304276 October 2 nd 2008 Chemistry 287: Analytical Chemistry Chapter 3: Significant figures, Error (Systematic, Random, P vs. A) Accurate means "capable of providing a correct reading or measurement." In physical science it means 'correct'. A measurement is accurate if it correctly reflects the size of the thing being measured. Precise means "exact, as in performance, execution, or amount. "In physical science it means "repeatable, reliable, getting the same measurement each time." Chapter 4 & 5: Confidence limit of the true value of the sample being within some % of the mean can be determined using a t-table along with the standard deviation. Standard addition is used when the sample matrix may change with analysis. In standard addition, known amounts of the standard are added to the sample and measurements repeated. Internal standards are used for calibration when the sample concentration may vary during the analysis. In internal standards use another analyte added to all of the samples of known concentration. Confidence interval is a range of values with which there is a specified to all of the samples of known concentration....
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