Sept 16-08 - Fungi, Symbiosis, Decay and Ecosystems Lecture

Sept 16-08 - Fungi, Symbiosis, Decay and Ecosystems Lecture...

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Josh Bovard Biology 111 – Tuesday, September 16 th , 2008 Professor Graham Bell F UNGI , S YMBIOSIS , D ECAY COSYSTEMS Fungi are closely related to animals Only 70,000 known species Core feature is mycelium Whitish gray mat of filaments (hyphae) Allow for specifying in absorption Cell wall of chitin
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Unformatted text preview: Eat by absorptive nutrition World’s largest organism is a fungi found in Oregon Contains billions upon billions of billions of nuclei Because of all the mutations, the nuclei at one side of the hyphae will be much different than those at the other side 1...
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