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Sept 18-08 - Plants Lecture

Sept 18-08 - Plants Lecture - Josh Bovard Biology 111...

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Josh Bovard Biology 111 – Thursday, September 18 th , 2008 Professor P LANTS Non-seeded Plants : Advanced green algae are the ancestors of plants Chara, a type of algae, is a very good organism to experiment with One of the first organisms to transport nutrients in and out of the plant All algae contain chlorophyll a, b In some sexually reproducing organisms, there is a phenomenon called alternation of generation Alternating between haploid (single set of chromosomes - gametophyte) and diploid (double set of chromosomes - sporophyte) Gametophyte produces gametes that fuse to form a zygote and develops into a sporophyte The sporophyte produces haploid spores through meiosis which develop into gametophytes There are different relationships between the two Both of these phases may live independent of each other The gametophyte may be predominant and the sporophyte is dependent on the gametophyte The sporophyte may be predominant and the gametophyte is dependent on the sporophyte The last two cases demonstrate matrotrophy (eating your mother) Plants came onto land through freshwater algae that were living in ponds in which the water dried out Algae were forced to evolve to be able to stay active during dry periods
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