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Sample Quiz on Chapter #2 Name: ________________________________ ID#:_____________Section:____ 1) Complete the following table. (3 points) Symbol No of Protons No of Neutrons No of Electrons Net Charge 76 190 Os 53 74 1- 120 78 2+ 2) Complete the following table. (3 points) Chemical Name Chemical Formula Perbromic acid Calcium hydrogen carbonate Zirconium (IV) Carbide (NH 4 ) 2 NO 3 Ti 2 O 3 Cs 2 SeO 3 3) a) Two elements, R and Q combine to form two binary compounds
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Unformatted text preview: A and B . To form A , 7.00g of R combines with 4.50 g of Q. To form B , 14.0 g of R combines with 3.00 g of Q. Show that these data are in accord with the law of multiple proportions. (2.5 points) b) If the formula of A is RQ, what is the formula of B ? Explain. (1.5 points)...
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