2030 - Standards ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A (CSA T530) The primary...

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www.nordx.com 5 3 Standards Commercial Building Standards for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A (CSA T530) The primary focus of this standard is to provide design specifications and guidance for all building facilities relat- ing to telecommunications cabling systems and compo- nents. This standard identifies and addresses six promi- nent components of the building infrastructure: building entrance facility, equipment room(s), backbone path- ways, telecommunications rooms, horizontal pathways and work areas. Scope of ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A (CSA T530) General Design Considerations • Equipment room: a single centralized space housing telecommunications equipment that serves a building. • Common equipment including PBXs, computing equipment such as a mainframe and video switches. • Only equipment directly related to the telecommunica- tions system, control system and its environmental support system is to be housed in the equipment room. • Ideally, the equipment room should be located close to the main backbone pathway to allow for easier con- nection to the backbone pathway. Sizing Issues An equipment room is sized to meet the known require- ments of specific types of equipment. • Expected future requirements should also be considered • Equipment room design should allow for non uniform building occupancy • The recommended practice is to provide 0.07 m 2 (0.75 ft. 2 ) of equipment room space for every 10 m 2 (100 ft. 2 ) of usable floor space (work areas) - If work area density is expected to be greater, provide more equipment room space. Other Equipment Room Design Issues Make sure that the floor loading capacity is sufficient to bear both the distributed and concentrated load of installed equipment. The equipment room should not be located below water level; preventative measures should be taken to prevent water infiltration. Sources of electromagnetic interference, vibration, room height, contaminants, sprinkler systems, HVAC equipment dedicated to the equipment room, interior finishes, lighting, power, grounding and fire prevention shall be taken in consideration. Access to the ER shall be provided by a minimum of one door of 910 mm (36 in.) wide and 2000 mm (80 in.) high. ENTRANCE FACILITY ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A (CSA T530) defines an entrance facility as any location where telecommunications service enters into a building and/or where backbone pathways linking to other buildings in a campus environment are located. The entrance facility may contain public network interface devices as well as telecommunications equip- ment. The standard recommends that the location of the entrance facility should be in a dry area, close to the ver- tical backbone pathways. EQUIPMENT ROOM
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2030 - Standards ANSI/TIA/EIA-569-A (CSA T530) The primary...

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