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ISS TEST 4 REVIEW GUIDE A Non-Communist Manifesto by ROSTOV Five Stages of Development 1- traditional society : everyone starts here 2- pre-conditions of take off: bringing in schools, roads to connect people 3- take off 4- drive to maturity 5-age of high mass consumption 6- <technetronic society> : stages can take 60-100+ years b/c No one to exploit No population outlets :stages can go quickly b/c Planned Coordination Control-have supplies ready Communism and Socialism : socialism Social and economic equality Anti-private property Reaction to early capitalism Democratic socialist governments :communism
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Unformatted text preview: Marx and Engel Inevitable victory of som Capitalism dominated by market Only labor an produce surplus vale taken by capitalists Reserve of army unemployed Develop class consciousness Old, weak capitalism overthrown Lenin :justification for totalitarian 1. Imperialism: Russia is backward, young capitalism Revolution would deny markets and materials to capitalists this would force them to resume exploiting and lead to resolution. 2. Communist part: Class consciousness does exist in communist party Dictatorship proletariat by the party benefit the proletariat...
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