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Business Division SALES MANAGEMENT BY ACTIVITIVES I. Qualify Prospect and Understand the Business ... Profile: Identify, contact and qualify 1. Identify target account based on available profiling data. 2. Identify key decision-makers by role and specify interest-generating benefits for each one. 3. Determine entry level contact. 4. Select, by priority, methods of contact. 5. Set call objectives. 6. Mental preparation and make the contact. 7. Establish trust and rapport - Credibility building. 8. Qualify the prospect in light of this project. GO/NO GO ... Research: Understand the prospect's business to develop your sales strategy 9. Research prospects critical processes - How are they currently doing it? 10. Research prospect's future business plans. 11. Research prospect's selling environment to determine how you can help competitively advantage them in their market place. 12. Identify our potential and/or actual competitors (including "do nothing"). 13. Competitor Analysis with Unique Selling Points and Distinctive Selling Points (USP/DSP) identified and translated into Features, Advantages and Benefits for each competitor. 14. List criteria that must be set with each decision maker to rule out competition. 15. Identify potential objections - strategies formulated/reviewed to prevent, neutralize or
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6_Quy_Trinh_Sale - Business Division SALES MANAGEMENT BY...

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