Frameworks for Ethics

Frameworks for Ethics - Companies should have some values...

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Frameworks Ethical universalism – what is right or wrong in 1 country/1 culture must be the same everywhere People’s ideas affect this, experiences, culture, political regime Values that should be universal: honesty, loyalty, respect Ethical relativism – depends on where u are Depends on the circumstance, same cultures can have different ethics Their religion can determine it Bribery not ok if you don’t do it always so you shouldn’t do it where it’s accepted You’ll never know which rules to use if you do business in multiple countries Integrative social contracts perspective – blend the 2 above
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Unformatted text preview: Companies should have some values that are universal Some should depend on local situations Allows for some flexibility Use the “front page test” – if your family read about it in the newspaper in the next day would they be proud Moral Manager Person who has values and applies them to their job and functions Must be… Moral person Moral manager Amoral leader – people who disregard right and choose wrong; pressure you to cheat and do anything you have to do to win...
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