TUI case

TUI case - February 4, 2010 TUI: Achieving and Maintaining...

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Unformatted text preview: February 4, 2010 TUI: Achieving and Maintaining Leadership in the European Tourism Industry 1. Carefully explain any 3 forces you believe are important forces in the macro-environment of TUI. The first force that comes to mind when thinking of the tourism industry is the economy, or the general economic conditions. If the country or region that the company is focusing on is not doing well or is in a recession, the tourism industry is going to suffer; people are going to want to focus more on the simple things in life such as their daily needs rather than spending their disposable income on vacations. Another force that plays a part in the success of TUI would be the population demographics. This makes sense because the company would not want to promote its services where there is no desire to visit and or no customers available. For example, there would be no use in spending a lot of money to promote tourists to go to New Orleans after the hurricane hit because there is little demand for that. The final force that would make sense for TUI to be concerned about would be societal values and lifestyles. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with population demographics but is somewhat different. Societal values for TUI mean tailoring their promotions to each culture and being aware of cultural differences. The company is present in so many parts of the world that they have to be fluent in many different cultural norms and value systems. For example, to a western society, a woman in white means that it could possibly be her wedding day. But a woman in white in an eastern society means that she is in mourning and the company would have to tailor their ads differently....
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TUI case - February 4, 2010 TUI: Achieving and Maintaining...

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