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Lecture 11 study questions 1. What is density? What is dispersion? Give examples of the latter. 2. What is the age structure of a population? What factors affect age structure? Age structure is the proportion of individuals that are at each possible age and population growth affects the age structure 3. What are surivorship curves? Be able to distinguish between type I, type II, and type III survivorship curves. Survivorship curves are plots that recognize general patterns in survivorship and make comparisons among populations of species, plot of Log. Type 1= high to low survivorship (humans) Type 2= steady survivorship (Songbirds) Type 3= low to high (plants due to seeds) 4. What is life history? What factors affect the life history of an organism? Life history is how an organism allocates resources to growth, reproduction, and activities or structures that are related to survival.
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