BIO FINALLL EXAM - Biology 111 Test 3 Fall 2007(Elinson...

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Biology 111: Test 3 Fall 2007 (Elinson) NAME______________________________ TA_________ Lab Section _____ E 1. A molecule of heredity has to: a. be made of DNA. b. catalyze the conversion of RNA to protein. c. program synthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, and sugars. d. be able to replicate and carry information. e. change when the environment changes. 2. Transformation in biology refers to the: a. alteration of cell activity when treated with a protein. b. change from interphase to metaphase and back again. c. genetic change of a cell by foreign DNA. d. production of rRNA and tRNA from DNA. e. use of tRNA to make proteins. 3. DNA was determined to be the transforming agent of smooth bacteria because: a. RNAse treatment destroyed the transforming activity. b. RNA is made in the nucleus and moves to the cytoplasm. c. proteins are usually denatured by heat. d. the transforming activity was lost when DNA was digested. e. there are too many different proteins. 4. Bacteriophage are potential agents for fighting wound infections because they: a. infect bacteria. b. have RNA instead of DNA, so they cannot infect your cells. c. can be labeled with radioactive isotopes. d. use protein as their genetic material. e. are large enough to eat bacteria. 5. The backbone of DNA consists of repeating units of: a. …- A/T pair – G/C pair - … b. …- phosphate – ribose – … c. …- adenine – guanine – thymine – cytosine - … d. …- phosphate – deoxyribose – … e. …- peptide bond – hydrogen bond - … 6. The two DNA strands in a double helix are called anti-parallel because: a. they have opposite charges. b. one runs 3’ to 5’ and the other runs 5’ to 3’. c. one strand is the complement of the other. d. thymine pairs with adenine and guanine pairs with cytosine. e. they curve around like the railings of a spiral staircase. 7. Which of the following short pieces of DNA would hybridize (anneal) with each other? 1. 5’ ATC GGT CTT 3’ 3. 3’ TAG CCA GAA 5’ 2. 5’ TAG CCA GAA 3’ 4. 3’ TAT AGT CGC 5’ a. 1, 2 b. 1, 3 c. 1, 4 d. 2, 3 e. 2, 4
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8. The DNA of a certain organism has adenine as 20% of its bases. What percentage of its bases would be guanine? a. 0% b. 10% c. 20% d. 30% e. 40% 9-10. In the Meselson–Stahl experiment, bacteria grown in 15 N are transferred to 14 N. 9. After 2 rounds of DNA synthesis (generation 2), the ratio “heavy ( 15 N) : hybrid ( 15 N/ 14 N) : light ( 14 N)” DNA molecules is: a. 0:1:0 b. 1:1:1 c. 0:1:1 d. 0:0:1 e. 1:0:0 10.After 3 rounds of synthesis from one original DNA molecule, there are ___ light DNA molecules and ___ hybrid DNA molecules. a. 2, 6 b. 4, 4 c. 6, 2 d. 8, 0 e. cannot be determined. 11. What is different about DNA synthesis on the leading and the lagging strand? a. Leading uses only pol III and lagging uses only pol I.
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BIO FINALLL EXAM - Biology 111 Test 3 Fall 2007(Elinson...

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