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Chapter 01 - Chapter 1 1 All of the following are major...

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Chapter 1 ____ 1. All of the following are major hardware components of a typical computer system except ______. a. Main Memory b. CPU c. Operating System d. secondary storage ____ 2. Application software are programs that ___________. ____ 3. The purpose of an algorithm is to ____________. ____ 4. The CPU only processes instructions written in this language. ____ 5. An object in Visual Basic ____________. a. is the data a program uses b. is a property of a control c. is an action performed by a method d. is a reusable self contained unit ____ 6. GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) applications ______________. ____ 7. Which of the following is NOT an example of an event in Visual Basic? ____ 8. When creating a Visual Basic desktop application, you will initially ____________. Chapter 1 1
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____ 9. Programs should use comments (remarks) to __________________. a. make the code more understandable to human readers of the program. b. make a program run more efficiently c. make the code run faster d. make the program smaller in size ____
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