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Lesson 10 Working with Databases

Lesson 10 Working with Databases - name from a list box The...

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Chapter 10 Fill-in-the-Blank 1. Schema (design) 2. Binding Source 3. DataGridView 4. DateTimePicker 5. Record Multiple Choice 1. c 2. c 3. a 4. d 5. b True or False 1. True 2. False 3. False 4. True 5. False 6. True 7. False – No special event handling code is needed 8. True 9. False 10. True Short Answer 1. ValueMember 2. One-to-many 3. no, because more than one employee might belong to the same department 4. Data source 5. A DataGridView is added to the form and attached to the data source. 6. MembersTableAdapter.Insert( 123, "Smith", "James", _ "808- 222-3333", #1/15/2006#) 7. RowHeadersVisible (boolean) What Do You Think?
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1. Edit the Columns property of the grid. In the Edit Columns window, you can remove the ID column or any other columns you do not wish to display. 2. You could ask the user to enter a Member ID, or you could let them select a member
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Unformatted text preview: name from a list box. The code in your application would then retrieve the Member ID from the list box's SelectedValue property. Algorithm Workbench 1. SELECT City + ', ' + State AS CityState FROM Address 2. (The ShowDialog method was covered back on page 416. We're just wondering if you still remember the topic from Chapter 7.) Dim memberForm As New frmAllMembers memberForm.ShowDialog() 3. select ID, Title, Artist, Price from Albums order by Artist 4. select ID, Title, Artist, Price from Albums where ID = 25 5. select * from Payments where Payment_Date < '1/1/2000' 6. MembersTableAdapter.Fill(DsAllMembers.Members) 7. select ID, Last_Name, First_Name from Members where Date_Joined >= @date_joined...
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