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IRWIN 9e 10_32 - lwvin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: lwvin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E ‘ 1 ma: Write the mesh equations for the network in Fig. PIDJE. 1 1 J'wci fwcz Figure P1032 SOLUTION: KVL: (Juan-AL )T, " J'LUMI-L" J'WLITz : V: wc, KvL: ~jwM‘Ij i (J'WCL,+L1)—_j__)j‘l:ij,i :o wcL ‘ (J'NL,"J’) L " JW(M+ Ll)f?. : Vl WC, ‘Jw(M+'—I)i + JWO—i" LL)’_~.L.. m]f1:0 DOC; _—_—________—.—_—.——._———————— Chapter 10: Magnetically Coupled Networks Problem 10.32 ...
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