Lecture01 - Instructors ECE 2300 Introduction to Digital...

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Lecture 1: Spring 2010 1 ECE 2300 Introduction to Digital Logic Design Professor Dave Albonesi Computer Systems Laboratory School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Lecture 1: 2 Instructors Professor Dave Albonesi (Lectures) 333 Rhodes Hall [email protected] 254-5473 Office Hours: MW 10-11am and by appointment If my door is closed, then knock! Professor Douglas Long (Labs) 207 Phillips Hall [email protected] 255-2451 Office Hours: TBD Lecture 1: 3 Teaching Assistants Nathan Chun ([email protected]) Peter Greczner ([email protected]) Paula Petrica ([email protected]) Matt Watkins ([email protected]) Office hours TBD Lecture 1: 4 Acknowledgements Professors Evan Speight, Adam Bojanczyk, Wes Swartz, Doug Long, Jose Martinez Lecture 1: Course Content CMOS gates Boolean algebra and combinational logic Binary arithmetic and arithmetic logic units Sequential logic Memories Microprocessor organization Instruction set architecture Caches and virtual memory Input/output Case study of a real microprocessor 5 Lecture 1: 6 Course Context Physics of the atom Solid state devices Fundamental circuits Digital design VLSI circuits Computer organization Systems software (compilers, OS) Programming languages higher levels of abstraction Lecture 1: 7 Textbooks Lecture 1: 8 Drop Boxes Homework Wed. Lab Mon Lab Tue Lab Lecture 1: 9 Grading Breakdown Homework: 15% Prelim 1: 15% Prelim 2: 15% Final: 20% Labs: 30% My discretion: 5%
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2010 for the course ECE 2300 taught by Professor Long during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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Lecture01 - Instructors ECE 2300 Introduction to Digital...

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