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Gapun Stori 1) Sake: Have you all heard? This man from Sanae, what's his name, Beni= 2) Jari: = Egwabia's husband 3) Sake: Tsk. Not him. The husband of Egumamba's child. By his first wife. 4) … This man, Beni, he went into the jungle with his dogs. He went, killed 5) a pig. Killed it, cut up dry leaves, burned the hair off it, cut it up. OK, he 6) tied it to the thing here, the carrying stick= 7) Aper: =Where did he spear the pig? 5) Sake: Tsk. Listen to the story. He came and got to the big path here, close to 9) Songor's garden= 10) Allan: =coffee garden 11) Sake: Songor's coffee garden. All right, he came and he saw one of his lovers 12) standing there. 13) Jari: Which woman? 14) Sake: I don't know. Oh, what's her name, Mbgat's child. 15) Jari: Ampamna 16) Sake: Not her 17) Jari: Pataniya 18) Sake: Her. He saw her standing near the path. He went, came up to her and said: 19) "My throat is dry. I want to drink your breast milk" [loud cries of surprise 20) from the audience]. That's it, there was not more talk, the man threw all
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