midterm - Ant 110, W10 Name _ I Very Short Answer. Answer...

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Ant 110, W10 Name _____________________________ I Very Short Answer. Answer in single words or phrases, as appropriate (16 pts total) 1) The following are Tok Pisin compound words and their English glosses. The constituent morphemes in the Tok Pisin words are separated by hyphens. Based on an examination of these, answer the questions below. tin-pis 'tinned fish' wan-pela 'one' wail-man 'wildman' tas-ol 'that's all' a) Based on this data set, what can you say about the consonantal inventory of Tok Pisin compared to English? b) What observations can you make about constraints on syllable structure in Tok Pisin? 2) Provide a componential analysis of the English pronoun he , using the kinds of features discussed in lecture. 3) What is the source domain for the metaphor Time is Money ? 4) Clearly indicate the examples of semantic parallelism in the following jump rope chant Charlie Chaplin went to France To teach the ladies the hula dance First on the heels, Then on the toes, Around and around and around you go. Salute to the Captain, Bow to the Queen, Touch to the bottom of the submarine. 5) Give two universals discovered by Berlin and Kay in their study of color. II Narrative (14) 1) Identify Labov's basic components of the narrative as they appear in the following story. (Indicate sections of narrative in your blue book by including first and last words, separated by ellipses. For instance, the previous sentence could be rendered: Indicate … ellipses .) (6) Okay, this is my fight story. I was in Lulu's Tavern with Liam the Dunce, Shorty George and the Fenian Terror on a Saturday night in the winter of '03. Well, the Fenian Terror had been drinking a bit too much and he started in singing those tearful Irish songs he's so fond of and all the time he's crying like a baby. Well, in walks Jimmy Knuckles and his crowd, mean as dirt and looking to start a fight. Jimmy Knuckles goes up to the Fenian Terror and starts mocking him, mincing around, making loud sobbing noises and wringing his hands. And his crowd are of course laughing
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midterm - Ant 110, W10 Name _ I Very Short Answer. Answer...

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