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TYPES OF LANGUAGE LOSS 1) Sudden Death -- a Lg disappears because its speakers are entirely eliminated . Ex: Tasmanian languages 2) Radical Death-- Language loss is rapid and due to severe political repression, often accompanied by genocide. Speakers stop speaking the Lg as a survival strategy Ex.: Lenca and other indigenous lgs of El Salvador in the 1930s 3) Bottom to Top Death-- In these cases the language is lost first in
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Unformatted text preview: contexts of family and social use but it hangs on only in elevated ritual contexts. Ex.: Latin, Southeastern Tzeltal 4) Gradual Death (aka language shift)-- the loss of a language due to gradual shift to the dominant language in language contact situations. This is the most common cause of language death. Ex.: Sutherland dialect of Scots Gaelic...
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