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fable 1 - Lorin Leese Dongli Zhang Claudia Martinez Sarah...

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Lorin Leese Dongli Zhang Claudia Martinez Sarah Nava Anagabriel Loeza Once upon a time in the here and now there lived a girl named Cinderella who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Her stepmother forced her to be a house servant and she did all of the cleaning and ran all of the errands. Cinderella tired of all her work going unnoticed or unappreciated and like all young women, she yearned for pretty things. Being smart and resourceful she decided to make extra money by stealing small trinkets and valuables from her stepsisters and stepmother. Cinderella wanted a better life, so she decided she needed to be more aggressive and take charge of her life. She conjured up a plan to steal her stepsister’s fiancé, Prince Charming. He could give her a life of luxury and she’d never have to work again. Cinderella sold some of the small valuables she stole to buy fabric for a dress for a ball at the castle. She enslaves her
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