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metaphoric schema - them off He made an ally of her mother...

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1) Metaphoric Schema: LOVE IS WAR (Lakoff and Johnson) Metaphoric Expressions based on this schema: He is known for his many conquests She fought for him, but his mistress w on out . He fled from her advances She pursued him relentlessly. He overpowered her. He won her hand in marriage. She is besieged by suitors and must fend
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Unformatted text preview: them off He made an ally of her mother 2) Metaphoric Schema: LOVE IS MAGIC (L & J) Metaphoric Expressions based on this schema: She cast her spell over me The magic is gone I was spellbound She had me hypnotized He has me in a trance I was entranced by him I’m charmed by her She is bewitching...
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