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Assignment 1 prompt - race as a social construction written...

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Unformatted text preview: race as a social construction, written into law as to what race is, race is historically specific, blacks before slavery were seen as passive, then after sexualized (rapists), Filipinos seen as savages during war, feminie during work, example of racial formation, different laws and policies: for different needs of the Mexicans, Bracero program, law makes the Please notillegality ur TA for any modifications to this assignment (question, format, and rubric) legal and e: See yo appear about these Johnseed Reed Act terms, Chinese Exclusion thni1882- dies 1C chinese to immigrate here E Act c Stu didn't allow Spring of white women -> myth, white women were pure and men were the protectors Mann Act - stop trafficing2010 Assignment #1 ""Myth of the Black Rapist ""White Man's Burden Race is often interpreted in media as a natural or biological category that evokes ""Oriental Drug lords controversy, discussion, and conflict. In examining how we understand race "'savage today, use racial formation to discuss how race has been socially constructed. What do myths Address how law, myth, and science have worked alongside the construction of do to society? citizenship to produce a racial identity, and how race intersects with gender, -myth more than sexuality, class, and/or religion. Use one example from lecture and one example fr truth-> perpetuatesom Impossible Subjects to illustrate the social construction of race during two any idea or beliefperiods in US history, 1877-1930s and 1924-1965. ,more than truth-> UBRIC: lynching, laws, treating people differently. Myths create the knowledge of a society. Rjustifying Science-all the knowledgefor each example (10 total points for craniometry. appropriate exampwell. Assimilation. The knowledge -5 points we learned in school. Eugenics- choosing two Philosophical as les and discussing th justify certain that is produced to em fluently). things. Science like eugenics, influened law to exclude some race such as Asians and to -3 points for including discussion of intersectionality and the role it plays in legal and cultural allow other race toocome tin. Science .is supposed to objective and is very powerful to influence the ideas of people. -> giving c nstruc ions of race -2 poin s not. the rights to citizenship torfor formatting, style, spelling and grammar, organization, etc. Intersectionality- how different aspects of one's identity combine to create an identity.eg a black man and a black woman FORMA T: creating a different1myth.imes New Rsexuality,, whole -spacedthink margins 1", tself ottom ma rgins 1" female and look it in those * 2-pt T cant deny oman font double being. , L-R about yoru op-b and as a male or top of page 1 single--> ced: ways being male,*black/wihte/ ,asian/ -spadifferent eexperience student name TA las t name/ETHN 1C section day, time date * no title, no introduction paragraph, no conclus ion paragraph; begin ans wering question immediately * must have at leas t four citations , in this for mat: lectur e ("lecture," date) , book (author last name, page number), movie c lip (movie title, "lecture," date) * must be s tapled; no taped, paper-clipped, or folded c orners * all s tudents , including ESL students , mus t use spell-c heck and grammar-check * 450-500 words limit * w or d c oun t at end DUE: In lecture, Friday, A pril 16, 2010 Do NOT submit assignments elec tronically – you will not receive credit for any assignments submitted via email or on- line. for your discussion section. Your graduate TA may make changes to this assignment in consultation with the professor , and you are res ponsible for adhering to the particular requirements for your section. media says "illegal immigrants" or "ghetto", certain images ...
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