Feb10_Memory Consolidation

Feb10_Memory Consolidation - Memory Consolidation(LTM...

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Memory Consolidation (LTM) Sleeping memory Sensory input-> process it and some goes to short term memory (rehearsal) long term memory - People believed for al ong time that in order to get to long term memory it had to go to short term memory o But recent studies shows that short term and long term memory is uncoupled Different types of learning and memory - Explicit memory o Declarative memories, episodic memories (Events) Episodics Last really hot date (Facts) Semantic memory Current president: Barack Obrama Ingrained through many episodic events Can now recall them o Implicit memory Procedural emeory Skeletal musculature Priming Emotional responses Hippocampus- important for declarative memory H.M – had epilespsy -treament was take out leasions of bilateral hippocampus and other MTL areas - had severe antegrade amnesia( could nto form new memorh) some retrograde amnesia ( could not remember memory from the past) - retrained working memory and prodcedural memory
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Feb10_Memory Consolidation - Memory Consolidation(LTM...

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