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Feb17_Motivation - Motivated to survive great intensity...

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Motivation: Food and Sex Drives our behavior If no motivation- wouldn’t do anything Different drives have different strengths Hypothalamus – eating and drinking behavior After lesion to hypothalamus – weight regulation goes wry Social and cultural factors in eating - Schachter’s studies on obese people - Obese people are more sensitive to the cues itself - Sensitivity to the work they had to do - Sensitivity to external cues o Manipulated the clock - Cultural factors in weight set point o Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Anorexics o Most dangerous psychiatric condition o Change in body image they see themselves to be Motivation and Emotion Video Marathon- runners keep going What makes the runners keep going – motivation What makes people do good and evil deeds? Environmental factors or individual factors Movement and Action Psychologists study what makes them act, what we move towards- addiction, aversion – phobia
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Unformatted text preview: Motivated to survive- great intensity Trouble – when pleasurable things, alcholol drugs, Vice versa when studying What will pay off in the line Sigmund Freud said desire never goes away There are primary motivations that have to be depressed Aggressive actions and sexual feelings Anxieties, and fantasies Negative and restrictive view of motivation Abraham Moslow Motivatied by attachments of others Hierarchy of needs which dominates the actions Above all sex motivates a large number of creatures Genetic variability – not carbon copies of parents Romantic love – emotion and motivation intertwine Explanatory styles-External or internal-Stable-Global Pessimistic optimist-Depression-Achievement-Health Are optimistic live healthy life About 45, pessimistic start to get the bad side of health Where do we get pessimistic from?...
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Feb17_Motivation - Motivated to survive great intensity...

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