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Feb22_Sex - Give Girls roots and boys wings The way to...

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Sex and Gender Sexual stereotypes Very different perception of each sex - Value in society Daughters are seen as beautiful weak and fragile Sons are seen as strong and alert Very different psychological and social environments Gender is learned rather than innate Gender roles – polar opposites Mascunility and feminity are not really polar opposites, person can have both masculinity and feminity Boys and girls in rats/ monekys Boys more likely for rough play Girls are more discrete Hormonoal events Men are at a greater risk for genetic diseases Learned gender roles Crying Punished for improper gender roles and vice versa for proper gender roles
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Unformatted text preview: Give Girls roots and boys wings The way to change gender roles is to change society How much is nature and hwo much is nurture Intelligence and Htought Expected to be a good driver, good lover, have high IQ Can’t define intelligence Cant define life How can we identify andmeasure intelligence?-Iq test-General intelligence Sir Francis Galton Bell curve, guassian distribution, normal distribution Binet school development-Given the task of assessing intelligence Modern Iq test IQ=100 x Mental Age/Chronoligical Age Know this Wilhem Stern Weschsler Z=score How many standard deviations?...
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