Feb26_Intelligence thinking and languaged

Feb26_Intelligence thinking and languaged - affect...

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Intelligence Bene- test for school children - Separate retard kids - Identify areas where students needed help - Quantification of student’s performance Test results expressed in mental age Bene’s test great impact In America - Assessment, order in a chaotic society - Separate incompetent people Stastics - Immigrants and racial differences intelligence difference Bene-Standford - Intlligence quotient - Mental Age/chronological age * 100 IQ characterizes essential and unchanging - Something soemthign soemthign Wexler - Non verb sections Psychological testing Big business in America What makes a test valuable to a tester A test should predict the individual’s ability to do something, has to measure w/e we’re interested in, careful in standardizing the test Assessment – big controversy Teaching for tests Sterotyping and labeling
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Unformatted text preview: affect perforamce Stereotype threat Women’s perforamance compared to men in math-Experience during test taking-Women do better when don’t feel stereotyped 7 intelligence-Linguist intelligence-Psychological, mathematical o Language and logic-Musical intellgieence-Spatial intelligence-Bodily aesthetic intelligence-Interpersonal intelligence-Intrut- intelligence about your self Much broader view of assessment rather than IQ and SAT Practical intelligence Study directly the brain Thinking and Language Chomsky-Brain is prewired to learn grammar Gleason Wug Test-How humans develop language-Nature vs nurtue BF skinner view-Humans acquire language by operant learning : by imitation, association, and reinforcement Chomsky-Humans prewired to learn words and grammer Wug-Something...
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Feb26_Intelligence thinking and languaged - affect...

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