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Neural development Start with long strainy threads then shrink then become a lot Touch, Taste, Hearing, Smell, Vision Taste is a response to liquid stimuli Seeing Words Hearing Words When seeing words back brain is active, when hearing words front brain is active Receptive Fields The All or None law, if it sees a bright light it’ll respond fast, if it sees a low light it’ll respond slowly. The difference the stimulance the more intense it is. David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel Left brain right visual field Research more on receptive fields - Receptive field is the area over which stimulation affects response of cell The retina is the outgrowth of the brain, and each eye converts light into signals. The optic nerve
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Unformatted text preview: contains blehb leh blhe. Retinal ganglion cells : SPOTS , light spots and dark spots Visual brain cells: Lines or edges Retinotopy One to one map to from the map to the brain-Retinotopy and direct stimulation of visual cortex for the blind Touch uses visual cortex in blind Visual brain used during brail reading, the brain can reorganize itself. Its quite plastic Visual Cortex Half of the brain for visual- you have 30 visual maps Area MT( Middle Temporal) is specialized for seeing motion Area in IT (Infer-Temporal) is specialized for seeing Faces...
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