Jan15-Sensation and Perception continued

Jan15-Sensation and Perception continued - Elevation Motion...

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Retinal images- upside down Depth cues - Monocular o Size (perspective) Visual angle o Haze - Binocular Linear perspective Texture Gradient- eg a field of flowers Aerial Perspective Size constancy: our ability to perceive the true physical size of objects, despite size changes in retinal image caused by distance Shape from shading – we assume that light comes from above ( top lighting) We have a very perceptual bias towards faces
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Unformatted text preview: Elevation Motion and Depth-Motion parallax- fix and gaze a point, object further away move with you, objects closer move against you-Optic flow-Shape from Shadows Retinal images go through the brain and computes depth Top down expectations Binocular disparity – slightly different view with the two eyes Stereo Methods- eg 3D IMAX,...
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