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Attention Limited capacity processor - Person driving car while talking on the phone o What about talking to your passenger Reaction times - Can deduce what’s going on inside - Visual search o Fast, easy, parallel, pre-attentive search Green spots, find one red spot Added feature- fast search o Slow, hard, serial, post-attentive search Find a politician Find Waldo Scrutinize Absence of a target, slow search o The more things to search, the more time necessary o Response competition Stroop effect Saying the color of a colored word Stroop spy test, colored words in different languages Overlearned “name that word” reading response competes with unfamiliar “name that ink” task o Reaction time Nerve conduction time
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Unformatted text preview: Bleh bleh bleh o Measure short reaction time Accurate timer o Choice Reaction time Hick’s Law: sorting cards into n piles • To identify one card of out of 2 n takes n questions = hicks law Reaction Time = k log n • k is a constant, n = number of piles People with brain damage, damage to right parietal leads to inattention to objects on the left ( Spatial neglect)-affects mental images in the head-Right hemisphere sees the forest o Loses big pictures, get details rights-Left hemisphere sees the tree o Gets the big pictures, loses the detail Prejudice test, something test, face/ word, increasing reaction time – Understandingprejudice.org also tolerance.org...
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