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Mar3_Speech and Language

Mar3_Speech and Language - • ZIPF Active(recall...

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Speech and Language Difference between Sign and Symbol Birds cannot talk about danger like we do when there is danger or not The structure of language - Words ,letters, sentence o Letters Vowels louder Meaning present in constants o Words Rules of spelling Probability Mossiant Can even do foreign words Number of words expanding exponentially Hear/read 750 million words /year Type/Token High=rich vocabulary, many different words Phone calls- low type/token ratio ZiPF’s Law Most common words shortest
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Unformatted text preview: • ZIPF Active (recall) vocabulary is smaller than recognition vocabulary English (& all languages) are redundant • Wasteful, error correcting • Meaning is spread out through the sentence Probablity of words B.F. Skinner-Chonsky-Innate brain propensity to acuire language Same surface structure but different deep structure-They are eating apples-They eat apples Wug Test-Know the grammer of words they never seen before Bad language...
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