March 8_mental disorders

March 8_mental disorders - -Said they heard voices-Were...

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Mental Orders and their treatments Depression is the common cold of the psyche Schizophrenics don’t’t get parkinson’s disease and vice versa Reason: Schizopherenics have too much dopamine, Parkinson’s have too little Dopamine Which disorder was the one that you can’t walk through the door but can dance through it Serotonin shorate can cause depression, - OCD Multilpe Personality - Probably a myth - Prof is skeptical Neolithic trepanned skulls -> hole in the skull Thematic Apperception Task - Tell me a story about these people - Brings out what the patient thinks Rorschach blotch test - Describe what it is Do we (mis)- Label mental disorders? Roshetan - Him and his college went to a psychiatryic clinic
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Unformatted text preview: -Said they heard voices-Were labeled as schizophrenics when they were perfectly sane Therapies-Pschoanalystic therapy, psychoanalysis o Takes a long time-Humanistic o The patients needs to know himself o Unconditional Postiive Regard-Behavior Teraphy o Like skinner o Treat behavior then the patient is better-Cognitive Therapy o If someone is depressed, therapist says your okay o Restore the pessitmistic point of view to optimistic Therapists are usually eclectic Drug Treatments-Antidpressants don’t work that much better than compared to placebos Frontal lobotomy Counseling affects the condition slightly compared to drugs...
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March 8_mental disorders - -Said they heard voices-Were...

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